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CPRI approved LT panel
CPRI approved electrical Panel

If you are looking for CPRI approved electrical panel manufacturer in India then you are at the right place. 100% customer satisfaction with best quality product. In terms of cost efective electrical panel manufacturing we in the top among all leading manufactrer in India. If you are looking for electrical control panels for your projects then get in touch with our panel experts and our team will be glad to solve your panel related requirments in best price guranteed.

What is LT panel?
It is an electrical board which controls and distributes the power to set up devices in your home or offices as per the device requirements. LT Panel receives power from generator or transformer and sends power to devices which are connected through this LT panel.

What is CPRI approved Electrical panel?
Full form of CPRI is Central Power Research Institute. CPRI is established by government of India in 1960. CPRI checks and approved electrical products to make sure a particular product meets all quality standards and certifies a product that it is meeting all excellence in product quality standards.

Once CPRI finds that a particular products is meeting all quality standards, it provides a certificate, this how CPRI approved panels come in to the picture. CPRI approved panel means Central Power Research Institute has checked our product and found that panel manufactured by us meets all quality standards.

We are committed to follow excellence in product quality standards to make sure product builds confident to the buyers CPRI approved electrical panel.

lt panel board
Our Panels :

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Lighting Control Panels

Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels

VFD Control Panels

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LBS Indoor Metering Panels

Panel Repair Service and maintenance (AMC Service)
Regular routine check of electrical panel is very important to identify minor fault in electrical panel. On time service of electrical panel and routine check-up helps to avoid major faults.

In case of any panel minor or major issue fixing or regular routine check-up requirement, if taken care by our professional team. We provide annual service for panel or even for other electrical service.