Changeover Switches

  • Rated for AC23A utilization category
  • Complies with latest requirements of IEC-60947-1&3. 13947-1&3 standards
  • Provides switching control of two independent circuits
  • Safety of division: clearly apparent operation
  • Handle with built in padlocking facility in all the three positions I O and II
  • Provision for defeating door interlock.

New Changeover Switch

Switch, Rated for AC23A

  • Compact Construction
  • Quick make Quick break mechanism
  • Positive ON/OF Indication, indicates true position of contacts
  • High thermal and dynamic strength to withstand rated fused short circuit current level of 80kA rms.
  • Available in Open execution and in sheet steel enclosure
  • Suitable for Capacitor Switching and as a main switch
  • Silver plated copper current carrying parts
  • Complete flexibility in termination
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft


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